Monday, July 8, 2013

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

I have to admit that this weeks prompts were harder than they should have been for me.  The colors mostly. I wanted to avoid a photo that had all the colors in them, like say a flag.  And I have plenty of White and Blue things around my house, but didn't think that taking a photo of the shampoo bottle would really set the right tone.  I did finally come up with a photo for each prompt... although they may not be my best.  Without further ado...

My daughter and I attended our local rodeo parade this past weekend.  Afterwards they were having an antique car show.  My father-in-law loves Corvettes so we decided to take him a photo.  The one we found just happened to be red.

This is the photo that I had the most difficulty with.  I found this seeding plant on the playground to my daughter's school when we went there to play.  It was white.  It works.

Nothing says long weekend like a blueberry martini.  They are so sweet (almost too much) and so pretty.

My daughter recently got an ice tray that makes star shaped ice.  How could I not use that for Stars?

We had a wonderful 4th.  We saw beautiful fireworks, ate good food, and played (that was mostly Kiera though).


  1. Oh these are all wonderful! Love the white and great pictures for sparkle

  2. That star shaped ice cube tray is so cool! And I love the shots for sparkle and blue - who wouldn't want a blueberry martini?!