Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Pinterest is sometimes too inspiring.  I was sitting at my computer one night not too long ago, casually pinning items on my obsession (pinterest of course).  I thought that it would be a good idea to pin some craft/diy ideas.  WRONG!  I pinned this pin and for whatever reason jumped right up and started gathering supplies and cutting up paper.  I hadn't planned on doing it... it just happened.

This is the pin:  It links to my projects board on pinterest because the link doesn't work but the original pin is much longer than this one... and you can get the idea from it.
Make your own Architectural letters
I started by using Photoshop to make an ampersand.  I found a shape that I liked using Gill Sans MT font.  After I got the size to fit a standard piece of paper, I changed the font color to white and used the effects menu to turn on an outline. 

I used the cut out from Photoshop as a template.  I used a folder for a base.  I left as much overhang as possible the width that I wanted the finished product to be.  I taped it together without focusing on too much perfection.  I had some beige cardstock that I decided to use as a cover.  I covered the edges first and covered the tabs with two more cutouts.

I liked the way that it looked.  I spray painted it black using what I had as far as the paint went.  I would prefer to have a more matte look on the finished product but as long as I have it faced where it doesn't reflect light too much I think it looks pretty good.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

July according to my phone

Taking my inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers Karli Bonnie at the Bonnie 5, I decided to post Instragram size photos summarizing what I took photos of for the last month.  I got my new smart(er) phone at the end of July so this is the first time that I have done a post like this.  There are only a few photos this month, but I can assure you that the numbers will grow in the not so distant (August) future.  So for now enjoy a brief look into the last week of July 2013.