Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Let's try this instead

Those who are familiar with me know that I cannot diet.  My weight has been climbing steadily, albeit slowly, for the last 10 years.  Every year about March I get bit with the diet bug.  Over the last few years I have tried many things which you can read more about in this post.  Since I made that post back in February I have lost 13.4 pounds.  This is the biggest loss that I have had from all my dieting experiments.  This year I didn't try any gimmicks.  I simply changed what I was eating, and started paying more attention.  That evolved into not drinking soda (often, cause lets face it, I love the stuff!) and eventually drinking mostly water.  My water is mostly in the form of ice and I will eat two or three of the 44oz cups of ice a day. 
I have now started a plan.  It is put out by BeachBody and is called the 21 Day Fix.  You have probably seen infomercials for it or seen it online.  I do not have a strong support system.  I am basically the girl who cried wolf when it comes to certain situations... including my eating habits... so some people just don't take me seriously anymore... if they ever did (but that is a different conversation altogether).  When I stated that I had ordered this program, I was surrounded by skeptics.  I don't think that some of my coworkers believed that I would actually be able to stick with the program, or that it would even be a good program... just another gimmick.  Well I am here to say:  I don't know yet. 
There are two parts to the program... eating and exercising.  Guess which one I am having trouble with!  I have officially been on the eating plan for 4 whole days now and have yet to start the workouts.  The eating plan though!  Officially I have cut out going out to eat until my first round is over (which if I don't get started on my workouts will never officially begin).  My first whole day on the eating plan was last Friday.  I wasn't really prepared for the amount of prep work I would be doing for each day.  By Saturday afternoon, I was telling my husband that I was tired of cooking!  And I was too!  The most cooking that I had done in months involved the microwave and not much else... mostly we just went out.  Not anymore!  Everyone in my household is now eating the same things that I am... whether they like it or not. 
And I tell you what!  That first day of eating... when I ate every two hours: three meals and two snacks... I felt like all I did that day was eat.  I have since reworked my schedule and moved my morning snack to after dinner because my breakfast is plenty big to get me through to lunchtime. 
The way the program works is that you get these containers and basically you can eat what you can fit.  You have certain containers for certain foods and you do have an approved foods list, but it is all completely doable.  We aren't talking fish and kale here for every meal.  Nothing strange if you don't want.  I made up a weekly menu and it is all foods that we would normally eat, I just have a limit on my portion sizes... which is the point of the containers.  There is some headache involved in the menu planning, but then you know what you are eating everyday and you don't have to worry about it.  The prep work however!  I cannot stress enough:  PREP YOUR VEGGIES IN ADVANCE!  I didn't think that I was going to need to do this... Wrongo!  That is part of the reason that I was so tired of cooking.  I will post my full weekly menu here soon.
But I have to start the workouts.  There are seven different workouts that are 30 minutes each.  One for each day.  I just don't have... and have never really... had any exercise routines.  I've got to get that started.
I will try to update with my progress, but at this point I cannot promise anything. 
Here are a few photos of meals that I have had the last few days:

SNACK #2: Greek yogurt,
blueberries, granola, and

LUNCH:  Taco Salad:  lettuce, fresh
salsa, ground turkey, corn, black
beans, and cilantro lime dressing
"DINNER: Chipotle" bowl:  chicken,
lettuce, black beans, corn, tomatoes,
brown rice, and cilantro lime