Friday, July 19, 2013

Homemade Sofa Shelf

Hiya.  I decided that it was about time to start thinking about the projects aspect of this blog.  I was thinking about potential projects when I realized that I have already done this one.  Mine doesn't look as nice yet.  I have not been able to find the lamps that I am wanting for my shelf.  This is the original Pinterest post:

Piece of wood from Home Depot cut to size of couch, stained, attached to wall with L-brackets
And this is my (work in progress) final result.  I didn't think about taking photos during the process of  putting it up, which is probably a good thing... it was a mess!

I do still have a Christmas garland with lights running along the shelf.  No my decorations are not still up, but I like the way that the lights give just enough ambient light.  We all need twinkle lights in our home.  They may go away if I ever find the lights that I am looking for. 

We'll see.

We did have to do something a bit different than the original pinterest idea.  My husband has a projector.  I don't get the need for it, but whatever.  I gave that arguement up a long time ago.  We needed a way to incorporate it behind the couch.  When we bought the pieces of shelving from whichever home improvement store it was (I can't remember at this point), I found this little riser shelf.  Actually it is supposed to be a shoe shelf for your closet.  The color is a dead on match though and I think that it works out perfectly. 

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