Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

It has been a few weeks since I posted to the scavenger hunt.  Even though I don't feel like we really do that much around here, it always seems that Sunday sneaks up on me.


I found this old wheelbarrow at a condemned house one day.  I had driven by and seen it multiple times and finally made my husband stop and get it.  I knew that I wanted it to be a planter.  This photo was taken the day we put everything together.  The flowers are not as pretty anymore.  But for this day, they looked great!


 Near my town we have a "fun center" called Fast Lanes.  There they have bowling, indoor go-carts (electric ones so there are no fuel fumes), and an arcade.  We went there for the first time recently.  My daughter, who is 5, got to drive the go-carts by herself.  She is a driving fool.  She has her own go-cart at her grandparents house.  She also really likes bowling.  Yes she still uses the bumpers but she bowled for the entire hour that we had the lane.


I did a photo shoot for a friend earlier this month.  This is her youngest son.  He is really a sweetie.  He laughed and smiled the whole shoot.  When he wasn't trying to eat my fuzzy blanket.  He had a crocheted monkey hat and bloomers complete with a tail for his photos.  He was a cute little monkey.


I didn't have any photos involving actual dots.  Then it occurred to me... Water droplets are dot shaped.  Tah-dah!  We got this hopscotch water sprinkler thingy at Family Dollar a few weeks ago.  It is actually pretty fun to play on.  You know Mom has to make sure all new things are "safe".  No matter where you step you are going to get shot in the eye with water.


Enough said.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Kindle, My Friend

If you read my blog, and lets face it no one does, you might know that I am doing a 30 by 30.  The explanation as to what this might be is listed on the page by the same name that can be found up at the top of this page next to home.  I just wanted to share with all of my readers (I snort at this, as I know that I don't have readers) that last week I began to read the Harry Potter books finally.  *Gasp*  I know.  I am a bit behind the times.  It doesn't bother me to not read a book right when it comes out just because everyone else is reading them.  To that I say: eh.  However, once I do begin to read a book series, I tend to do it quickly and with little thought to anything else.  Having explained that I will tell you that I have already finished the first 3 books in the week since I started.  I actually began Prisoner of Azkaban last night about 9:30 and finished it just a bit ago.

Hello.  My name is Christina and I am a nerd.  *support group applauds*

Time to start the next book...

Custom passport stamps

As you read in my previous post, my family is doing a weekly Parks Passport photo book this summer.  To give it more of a passport-y feel, I came up with the idea of designing my own stamps in photoshop.  I have only done the first two parks that we visited so far.

The first is Wilson Park.  I used a photo of the castle that they have at the park for the center.

The second is a park in our nearby town of Johnson.  The park itself does not have a name nor does it have any special feature to make it stand out.  However, the park is right next to the old post office so I made this stamp look like an actual stamp.
I found a tutorial on Youtube about making the stamps.  They are actually not that difficult and I just saved them as brushes in case I needed them again later.  

Hopefully I will remember to post a few update screenshots of the pages that I have done already in the next few days.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Parks Passport

While going through Pinterest looking for fun things to do with my daughter this summer, I discovered this gem.  We have visited two parks so far.  Every Friday is our park day.  Some of our parks are better than others and since the town we live in doesn't have very many parks I am including surrounding towns.  This is the original post that I found on Pinterest.  The photo will link back to the original blog not my Pinterest.
Summer park passport: make a map of all the parks in the area/after you visit the park, mark it on the map/note favorite features in the DIY book/take a picture next to park sign.

I have already began making the photobook that will go along with this project.  This is a screen shot of the cover.

I make all my photobooks using BookSmart.  I have three or four books that need to be printed and about six ongoing books.  I am thankful that I do have these books.  Earlier this year my computer crashed because my hard drive was thrashed!  I lost all the photos that I had taken in 2012 because like an idiot I had not backed them up on disks.  I was very thankful for the fact that I already had the 2012 book done so that at least I will have the memories in the book.  If I hadn't had the book I would have gone completely insane.  Any photo-moms out there can tell you that the photos are almost as special as the children themselves.  My husband was afraid when he called to tell me what had happened to my computer.  He had already arranged to sleep at his mother's house just in case I was so angry that I kicked him out.  He is the tech support guy in our house (and among everyone he knows... right now he is on the couch working on a laptop for someone from his work.) and he knows how I am with my photos.  It did not come to that since he was able to recover my books.  But alas, my photos are gone forever.

Moving on... I designed the cover to look like a real passport.  I am still undecided, but I think that it needs a crest in the middle.  Real U.S. passports have an eagle.  I don't think I want to copy a real passport but it needs something.  

I will post more screen shots as I start working through the book.

Happy creating!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

I am so glad that the internet has returned to my home.  I can now begin participating in weekly photo prompts and start writing on the new blog that I started just before the internet disappeared the last time.  This week I am taking part in the Sunday Scavenger Hunt hosted by Ramblings and Photos.  Here is how the topics translated themselves in my family this week.

Okay so it is only really one dish.  My sister-in-law's birthday was this week and we all went to lunch together.  Ice tea with lemon... condensation running down the glass.  Beautiful.  Art to a southerner.

Favorite Color
My favorite color is pink which just happens (by no real coincidence) to be the color of my new Knockout Rose bush.  I have yet to keep any plant that I have planted alive.  I am hoping that my knockout rose makes it through.  The day after I planted it the wind decided that it hated the town I live in.  Currently there is a max of two blooms left with petals.

The sunflare is almost not a sunflare but it is the closest that I got.  I was not shooting with the prompts in mind and I have been trying to be mindful of the sun's location while shooting.

This is my sister-in-law.  This is her "I'm a diva in my new Ray Ban sunglasses" look.  She is a dork.

My daughter loves stick on tattoos.  This very pretty tiger was almost impossible to get off her arm.  She tried to wash it off herself and it became very sticky... very.  We ended up using windex to remove it.


Friday, June 7, 2013

The internet has returned...

to our house finally.  I feel like I haven't been able to update anything for a year now.  I am not really sure why it has taken quite this long to get internet service back.  I do know that I am glad for its return.