Monday, June 10, 2013

Parks Passport

While going through Pinterest looking for fun things to do with my daughter this summer, I discovered this gem.  We have visited two parks so far.  Every Friday is our park day.  Some of our parks are better than others and since the town we live in doesn't have very many parks I am including surrounding towns.  This is the original post that I found on Pinterest.  The photo will link back to the original blog not my Pinterest.
Summer park passport: make a map of all the parks in the area/after you visit the park, mark it on the map/note favorite features in the DIY book/take a picture next to park sign.

I have already began making the photobook that will go along with this project.  This is a screen shot of the cover.

I make all my photobooks using BookSmart.  I have three or four books that need to be printed and about six ongoing books.  I am thankful that I do have these books.  Earlier this year my computer crashed because my hard drive was thrashed!  I lost all the photos that I had taken in 2012 because like an idiot I had not backed them up on disks.  I was very thankful for the fact that I already had the 2012 book done so that at least I will have the memories in the book.  If I hadn't had the book I would have gone completely insane.  Any photo-moms out there can tell you that the photos are almost as special as the children themselves.  My husband was afraid when he called to tell me what had happened to my computer.  He had already arranged to sleep at his mother's house just in case I was so angry that I kicked him out.  He is the tech support guy in our house (and among everyone he knows... right now he is on the couch working on a laptop for someone from his work.) and he knows how I am with my photos.  It did not come to that since he was able to recover my books.  But alas, my photos are gone forever.

Moving on... I designed the cover to look like a real passport.  I am still undecided, but I think that it needs a crest in the middle.  Real U.S. passports have an eagle.  I don't think I want to copy a real passport but it needs something.  

I will post more screen shots as I start working through the book.

Happy creating!!

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