Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Kindle, My Friend

If you read my blog, and lets face it no one does, you might know that I am doing a 30 by 30.  The explanation as to what this might be is listed on the page by the same name that can be found up at the top of this page next to home.  I just wanted to share with all of my readers (I snort at this, as I know that I don't have readers) that last week I began to read the Harry Potter books finally.  *Gasp*  I know.  I am a bit behind the times.  It doesn't bother me to not read a book right when it comes out just because everyone else is reading them.  To that I say: eh.  However, once I do begin to read a book series, I tend to do it quickly and with little thought to anything else.  Having explained that I will tell you that I have already finished the first 3 books in the week since I started.  I actually began Prisoner of Azkaban last night about 9:30 and finished it just a bit ago.

Hello.  My name is Christina and I am a nerd.  *support group applauds*

Time to start the next book...

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