Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

I am so glad that the internet has returned to my home.  I can now begin participating in weekly photo prompts and start writing on the new blog that I started just before the internet disappeared the last time.  This week I am taking part in the Sunday Scavenger Hunt hosted by Ramblings and Photos.  Here is how the topics translated themselves in my family this week.

Okay so it is only really one dish.  My sister-in-law's birthday was this week and we all went to lunch together.  Ice tea with lemon... condensation running down the glass.  Beautiful.  Art to a southerner.

Favorite Color
My favorite color is pink which just happens (by no real coincidence) to be the color of my new Knockout Rose bush.  I have yet to keep any plant that I have planted alive.  I am hoping that my knockout rose makes it through.  The day after I planted it the wind decided that it hated the town I live in.  Currently there is a max of two blooms left with petals.

The sunflare is almost not a sunflare but it is the closest that I got.  I was not shooting with the prompts in mind and I have been trying to be mindful of the sun's location while shooting.

This is my sister-in-law.  This is her "I'm a diva in my new Ray Ban sunglasses" look.  She is a dork.

My daughter loves stick on tattoos.  This very pretty tiger was almost impossible to get off her arm.  She tried to wash it off herself and it became very sticky... very.  We ended up using windex to remove it.



  1. Love your sister in law's diva look! funny! The view of your daughter from the underside of the playground is cute! Sun flare or not! And there's nothing more inviting this time of year than ANY liquid with ice in it!!!

  2. Great to have you participating. Your set was very nice. I really liked the Sun Flare shot and the Expression shot was so funny. My favorite was the sticky shot (next time try rubbing peanut butter on it).

  3. Peanut butter? Huh. Would never have thought of that! Thank you.

  4. That ice tea shot looks so very refreshing! Love the diva shot, too.

  5. that father on "my big fat greek wedding" if you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor. It's great.
    Love your SIL's shot. She's gonna kill you for that one.

    1. I have seen part of that movie but never a windex scene. Thank you. The SIL is pretty outgoing so she wont mind the photo so if it were her sister...