Saturday, June 29, 2013

Custom passport stamps

As you read in my previous post, my family is doing a weekly Parks Passport photo book this summer.  To give it more of a passport-y feel, I came up with the idea of designing my own stamps in photoshop.  I have only done the first two parks that we visited so far.

The first is Wilson Park.  I used a photo of the castle that they have at the park for the center.

The second is a park in our nearby town of Johnson.  The park itself does not have a name nor does it have any special feature to make it stand out.  However, the park is right next to the old post office so I made this stamp look like an actual stamp.
I found a tutorial on Youtube about making the stamps.  They are actually not that difficult and I just saved them as brushes in case I needed them again later.  

Hopefully I will remember to post a few update screenshots of the pages that I have done already in the next few days.

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