Saturday, May 12, 2012

This is the beginning...


Since this is the very first post on my latest blog, I feel that I should introduce what to expect, even though very soon this post will be at the very bottom of a long list... I hope!  This is what we are all about...


About myself:  I am a mother of one darling daughter named Kiera and yes, you will hear about her often here on the blog... and you will see her too because I love taking photos of her... even though she doesn't really let me anymore.  I have my own photography company... Laughter & Love Notes Photography.  It sounds glamorous but unfortunately I am barely getting started with it and I find it difficult to get new business.  I am in an over-saturated market here for photographers.  Everywhere you turn it seems like there is another photographer.  I am also a wife.  One year ago tomorrow (May 13th) I married my husband.  He is Kiera's father, not that it is really any concern, and he is my first husband.
About Kiera:  She is 4 years old and just about to finish her first year of Pre-K.  She has two years of Pre-K because of her birthday and the cutoff for Kindergarten.    It bugs me.  Oh well, nothing I can do about it.  
About Frankie:  He is my husband.  He is obsessed with computers and is considering going back to school for some computer based classes.  He has been rebuilding and installing since I met him.


I am not an instinctive homemaker.  My house is messy more often than it is clean.  I don't want it to be but it has always been very difficult for me to keep my house kept up.  I want a home that looks like it should be in Better Homes and Gardens.   


I have a confession... I am addicted to Pintrest.  As of today (May 12, 2012) I have 17 different boards.  I will be honest... my obsession with Pintrest is the real reason for me making this blog.  I have so many projects that I am planning to do around my house very soon and yes, some of the ideas did come from Pintrest.  Some didn't but either way I wanted a place to document my projects.
I also have a project called 30 by 30.  This is an ongoing project that will continue until my 31st birthday (cause I count the entire year that I am 30... not just until the birthday).  Some of the things on this list will have photo opportunities and some won't... but I will post photos whenever I can. 

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