Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Here we go again...

This blog has been heavy on photos for a while now thanks to my project 365... of which I am very very (very) far behind.  But this entry will be starting another milestone in my life. 

Hello.  My name is Christina and I am a food addict.
*breaks out in rousing chorus of Food, Glorious Food*
(that's from Ice Age folks)

Every year about this time I try to start a new diet.  Couple of years ago it was the HCG drops... horrible plan.  500 calories A DAY!!!  I did lose about 10 pounds in a week... but not worth it.  Last year I started a very reasonable one week challenge, but I don't have any will power and didn't make it all the way through the first day.  As you can see... me and dieting do not have a good relationship.  The only thing that I have been able to continue at was my walking challenge a few Springs ago.  A few of us from work decided that we would do a biggest looser type contest.  We were all supposed to put $50 in and at the end of the challenge the person who lost the most weight and the one that lost the most inches were to split the winnings.  Only myself and one other person put in our money.  Coincidently, we were also the only ones that kept walking... we each won our money back.

This time we are doing things differently.  I am not on a diet.  A diet is a restrictive eating plan.  I am not on a diet.  I am pushing toward the goal of a healthier eating plan. 

  • Stop the junk food. 
  • Stop the fast food. 
  • Eat fewer carbs. 
  • Keep an eye on the calories. 
  • Drink more water. 
  • Exercise. 
  • Moderation.
  • Stay accountable.

But if I need a soda... drink it.
If spaghetti sounds good for dinner... eat it.
If there is something I am craving... indulge in it.


This is why I fail.  I cannot restrict myself from eating all the yummy things in the world.  I can try to eat less of them.  Don't overindulge!  Part of my reasoning in sharing this journey with you is that maybe I can stay accountable.  I will be keeping a food journal and posting it here.  I am also using my friend from work/the walking challenge to keep me accountable.  We have many of the same body issues.  Maybe you will even hear from her if she decides to guest post. 
*UPDATE 3/10/14* Another friend from work has joined our crusade against fat... Welcome Ral!
I hope that soon I can post that a significant change has taken place. 

Wish us luck!
We're gonna need it...

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