Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

It has been a long while since I participated in the scavenger hunt.  This week was a good one though since, because of Halloween and a field trip with my daughter's school, I had been taking a lot of photos anyways.  This week I did not get too artistic with my editing... in fact many barely have anything at all done to them.  I hope that you enjoy them anyways.  Let's get started...

Dress Up
Of course I had to use a photo of my beautiful daughter in her costume for dress up.  This year she was a pumpkin witch.  I made part of her costume this year... don't get too excited it was just the tutu part of the skirt.  In the photo it is a little messed up because she was doing cartwheels in the front yard.

When I was a little girl, almost every house handed out candy and there were hundreds of kids on every street.  While taking my daughter around our neighborhood, we were able to trick or treat about 10 houses... certainly no more than 15... and I would say that there were no more than 30 kids total that we passed.  I find it sad that my daughter will never know what Halloween was when I was a kid.  Kids nowadays miss out on so much.  
Anyways... Candy.  She did get plenty of it and some good stuff too... not just tootsie rolls and bubble gum.

This is obviously just a snapshot with no pre-planning involved.  The lighting is terrible and I was looking down at her.  Her Kindergarten class had a field trip to a corn maze/pumpkin patch last Friday and I went to help.  Just before they left they all got a mini pumpkin to take home.

Ever since I saw the movie "The Birds" many years ago, it always creeps me out when I see large gatherings of birds.  Flocks like this have been gathering on these particular telephone lines for weeks now.  I wasn't really thinking prompt when I snapped this photo obviously taken from inside my truck but I couldn't think of any better photo to use for spooky.

 The peak of color in my area was this past week and we had some of the most beautiful orange, red, and yellows.  I love fall.


  1. Your daughter is adorable in her costume, and I love the Orange picture also! Visiting from

  2. Your dress-up shot is spot on adorable. I love it in so many ways. The spooky picture gives me the creeps too, especially if they've been gathering on that particular line for weeks.

    1. Thank you. There are some days that the lines on both sides of the street will all be black with the birds lined up on them. Then when they all take off we are like CLOSE THE SUNROOF!!! CLOSE IT NOW!!!

  3. Beautiful orange shot. We've had birds like that around our house as well. They sure look strange.

    1. Thank you. I will change the direction I am walking if I see crows lined up on a fence. Freddy Kruger doesn't scare me, but a large number of birds... no thank you.

  4. Great interpretations. A cartwheeling pumpkin it! Your spooky shot was appropriate--I don't think I've seen that many birds congregating in a long time, although we occasionally have a flock of black birds go from one yard to another in rapid fashion--eating as many worms/bugs as possible before flying further south, I suppose--but since they are spending the majority of their time on the ground they aren't creepy...maybe strange...but not creepy like those birds you photographed!

  5. Great set. Your daughter's costume is really pretty and she's just adorable. Loved her pumpkin shot expression.
    Candy - I know we only had 25 kids show up. I use to love going out trick-or-treating. Now it's all done down town in broad daylight.
    Spooky, Many people were scared by the movie, The Birds...large gatherings are a bit eerie looking.
    Such beautiful orange leaves.

  6. Great set! Your daughter's costume is great!

    We didn't get any trick or treaters this year. I really hope when I have kids that we live in a big trick or treating neighborhood. We always had so much fun on Halloween growing up!

    I've never seen The Birds, but that large gathering in your spooky shot would freak me out too!

    The leaves in your orange shot are beautiful!

  7. Love the bird photo and the little girl dance, lovely :)