Monday, September 9, 2013

August according to my phone

Continuing the monthly instragram sized look back of random stuff that I took photos of on my phone, I realized that August was a busy month!  It started out slow with some randomness and lots of rain and clouds.  It ended with Kiera starting Kindergarten, two fairs, and a birthday party.  Of course there was plenty in between.


  1. Oohhhh.... now you have me in a collage-y mood! Fantastic snippets of your month! I did so many collages in a row on my blog that I tried to post some regular sized shots lately. But oh, I love me a good collage! This is wonderful. What a great look back at your month. xoxo

    1. Thank you! Of course I took the inspiration for the collages from you! It was a busy month. I don't think that most of my months are going to be that long. Hopefully I can keep doing them every month.